Hungry Rats - a novel by Connor Coyne

Praise for Hungry Rats

Praise for Hungry Rats

Hungry Rats is an emotional and aesthetic tour de force about deep matters of the human heart. Author Connor Coyne shows why the novel is still the most important medium to write about what matters in a manner that matters.
- Jeffery Renard Allen, author of Rails Under My Back and Stellar Places

Connor Coyne has created a richly imagined world full of surprises for his strange and wonderful characters. This work is wickedly funny and sinfully dark. I found myself both delighted and repulsed, often at the same time!
- Arlene Malinowski, playwright and performer
author of What Does the Sun Sound Like? and Aiming for Sainthood

In confident, purposeful, evocative prose, Connor Coyne places you in a family where no one is watching out for you, and you had better watch your back.
- Leila Sales, author of Mostly Good Girls

Hungry Rats is a murder mystery that imparts not only the eerie feeling that the reader is being watched -- or is on trial for a crime she may or may not have committed -- but also suggests that she is trapped in an increasingly macabre Choose Your Own Adventure.
- Christine Borne, editor-in-chief of the Cleveland Review

It is not for the faint of heart. It is a challenging piece of writing, and you are likely to be confounded and confused. But you'll also find something in Coyne's noir-ish telling that gets at the dark heart of Flint.
- Jan Worth-Nelson, East Village Magazine

Bella has nothing on Meredith Malady. Seriously, this novel is part poem, part Sweeney-Todd drunken butcher's opera, with a dash of logging-town historical fiction. What starts as a dark, licorice-flavored coming-of-age story poses, by the end, a serious mystery in which we as readers feel compelled to choose an allegiance.
- Lee Ford of the Radical Futures Project

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Hungry Rats marks an impressive debut from Connor Coyne. Right out of the gate, we can see that he has developed his own fearless style. This is not a novel that is trying to be like a bland best-seller, nor is it trying to create a pastiche of literary giants. The novel is distinctly Coyne's in voice and tone, who repeatedly displays an intriguing ability to write pulp material with the care of proper literature.
- ML Kennedy

Those who press forward into the world of the novel will be well rewarded, not only by the richness of the rhythmic, musical language, but also with the phantasmagoric treatment of Flint's history. Part murder mystery, part gothic neo-mythology, and part young adult novel, Hungry Rats is a reading experience that lingers with you long after you flip the final page.
- Reinhardt Suarez

Everyone leaves clues not only in what they say, but in how they say it and even in what they fail to say.
- Meridith Halsey

Complex and original, Hungry Rats is a treat for the mind, standing out amongst the hordes of repetitive and unimaginative supermarket fiction.
- Steinho

Hungry Rats is a compelling read. It's filled with rich, fascinating metaphors and imagery that walks the fine line between drawing you in and scaring you away.
- ohsumara

Connor Coyne has exhibited a well-developed artistry, creating a story rich in narrative and philosophy.
- Unieuph